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Denise Felkin - photo courrtesy of Kiki Streitberger


Denise Felkin graduated with a a degree in Fine Art from the University of Sunderland in 1994 and a Masters in Photojournalism, with a Distinction, from the University of Westminster in 2014. She has been published by BBC, The Observer, The Guardian, Huck Magazine and I Paper. Her images have featured at Glastonbury Festival. Brighton Photo Fringe, Brighton Festival, Brighton Photo Biennial, ITV News,
BBC, Ambika P3, Cass Gallery, London Gallery West, Photofusion, London Business Design Centre, The Bargehouse, Somerset House and internationally at Rocket Festival, Almaha De Granada, Galeria Valid Photo Barcelona, COP 21 Paris, PH21 Budapest, International Expo Centre, Cologne.

Denise has been nominated for many awards; she was a finalist in the Open category of the Association of Photographers 31st Awards 2014 for individual images The Magician and Conscious. Her series I'm Not Voting Because.. received an Honourable Mention at the International Photography Awards 2014 / 2015, she was nominated for the Magnum and Photo London Graduate Award 2015.

Her current series Mum's Not The Word was shortlisted in the People category of the Sony World Photography Award in 2016, received a Nominee Award for Photogrvphy Grant 2016, selected as a finalist in the World Photography Gala 9th Pollux Awards 2017, Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2017, National Open Award 2017 and within the same prize shortlisted for the MS Amlin themed prize. Continuity in an uncertain world. In 2018 she received an Honourable Mention in the special edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Women Seen by Women.


World Photography Gala Awards special edition of Julia Margaret Cameron: Women Seen by Women. Mum's Not The Word receives an Honourable Mention. (January 2018)
National Open Art Competition. MS Amlin Sponsored Prize 'Continuity in an Uncertain World'. Mum's Not The Word. Finalist (November 2017)
National Open Art Competition. Mum's Not The Word. Finalist (September 2017)
10th Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Mum's Not The Word. Finalist in Editorial & Documentary category. (July 2017)
9th Edition Pollux Awards.
Mum's Not The Word.  Finalist in the Documentary category. (Nov 2016)
Photogrvphy Grant and Magazine. Mum's Not The Word. Nominee Award in People. (Oct 2016)
Sony World Photography Award
Mum's Not The Word, Finalist in the People category (Feb 2016)
International Photography Award.
I'm Not Voting Because... Honourable Mention. Professional Political/ Editorial. Honourable Mention (Oct 2015)
Magnum Photos & Photo London Graduate Award. Nomination. (April 2015)
Association of Photographers Open Award, Finalist. (Dec 2014)
International Photography Award. I'm Not Voting Because.. Honourable Mention. Student / Political/ Editorial. (Oct 2014)
University of Westminster. Scholarship Award to study MA Photojournalism (2012 - 2014)

Mum's Not The Word. Athens Photography Festival Photobook Show. Benaki Museum, Greece. (13 June - 28 July 2019)
Mum's Not The Word. Exhibition & Book Launch (Un)Framing Identities. RPS 100 Heroines initiative.
19 Mallord Street. Chelsea SW3 6AP (22 - 30 June 2019)
Iain & Scrumpy. Portait Salon Exhibition. Peckham Levels. (27 Nov 2018)
Devonshire Collective, Eastbourne.( 27 July - 8 August 2018)
Mum's Not The Word.
National Open Art. The Barge House. Oxo Tower Wharf, London. (16-27 Nov 2017)
Mum's Not The Word. 10th Julia Margaret Cameron Award. Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona.(3-15 Oct 2017)
Mum's Not The Word.
9th Pollux Awards Exhibition. Galeria Valid Foto, Barcelona. (19-30 Sept 2017)
I'm Not Voting Because.. Devonshire Collective, Eastbourne. (27 April - 11 June 2017)
Mum's Not The Word.
Photokina, Cologne International Expocentre (Sept 2016)
Mum's Not The Word.
Sony World Photography Award. Somerset House. London. (April 2016)
The Fracktivists.
Place To B. COP21. Paris.  (Dec 2015)
The Fracktivists. Reclaim The Beats. Synergy Centre. Brighton. (Oct 2015)
The Fracktivists.
Red Alert.' PH21 Gallery. Budapest. (Oct 2015)
The Fracktivists. Firstsite, Golden Bus. Colchester, (Sept 2015)
I'm Not Voting Because…
Salon /14. Photofusion, London. (Dec 2014)
The Magician & Conscious. AOP Awards. Business Design Centre. Islington, London (Dec 2014)
I'm Not Voting Because… Photomonth Open - Richmix, London. (Oct 2014)
I'm Not Voting Because… Photomonth Photobook show. Cass Gallery. London. (Oct 2014)
I'm Not Voting Because... University of Westminster Showcase. London Gallery West. (Aug 2014)
I'm Not Voting Because… Departure. Ambika P3, University of Westminster, London(Aug 2014)
Resurrection. Moving Still. Ambika P3, University of Westminster, London (Sept 2013)
Living Rough - Rough Living. Photobook Show. Brighton Photo Biennial. Jubilee Library. (Oct 2012)
Living Rough - Rough Living. Brighton Photo Fringe. Brighton Housing Trust, First Base. (Oct 2012)
Illumini. Dickensian Hauntings. Shoreditch Town Hall, London (Sept 2012)
Sculpture & Photo Art. Photomonth. The Light, Shoreditch, London (October 2011)
Living Rough - Rough Living. First Base. Brighton Fringe Festival. (May 2012)
Sculpture & Photo Art. Brighton Photo Fringe. Everybody Inn, Brighton. (Oct 2010)
Wildlife. Access to Nature, Sussex Wildlife Trust. Brighton Photo Fringe. (Jun - Nov 2010)
Back & Front Photography Competition. Phoenix. Brighton Photo Fringe. (June – Nov 2008)
Sculpture & Photo Art. Glastonbury Festival. Outdoor photo show. (June 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2013)
Smash Guru with Sam Haggarty & Wrekon. Brighton Fringe Festival. Phoenix.Brighton (May 2009)
Sculpture & Photo Art. Rocket Festival, Granada, With Wrekon. (May 2008)
Sculpture & Photo Art. With Sam Haggarty. Subway Gallery, London. . (May 2008)
Spider by Wrekon. What Haunts You? Helen Marshall The Photographers Gallery, London  (December 2008)
Tsunami. with Sam Haggarty. Brighton Photo Fringe. EnvironMental Open House. (Sept 2006)
Brighton City. Sussex Open. Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. . (March 2004)
The Glow Project. Outdoor Projections.Brighton. (November 2003)
Clouds. . Wind Slept Cloud. Brighton Photo Biennial. Duke of York Cinema (October 2003)
Lost & Shit. Bad Sense of Humour. Jacobs Gallery. Birmingham.(September 2003)
Full Frontal Records. Press Photographer. (January 1999 to September 2001)
Brighton Fringe Festival. Various pop up shows around Brighton – Argus Lofts. (1997) Café Motu. (1998) The Burlington, (1999) a shoe shop in the North Laines. (2004)
The Eclipse. Time. Brighton Media Centre. (2000)
European Women Photographers Award. ‘Lost’  (February 1999)


The Guardian Weekend Magazine Mum's Not The Word. (18 May 2019)
i Paper.
Mum's Not The Word. Double page spread. (9 January 2018)
Latest TV.
Mum's Not The Word, Interview with George. (8 November 2017)
BBC South East Today.
Mum's Not The Word, Interview with Robin Gibson. (3 November 2017)
Essex Live. Mum's Not The Word, Interview. (30 October 2017)
The Argus. Mum's Not The Word, Interview with Robin Gibson. (7 November 2017)
Sony World Photography Awards.
Mum's Not The Word, interview with Matthew Oxley (March 2016)
Daily Mail. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
New York Daily News. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
Ephotozine. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
Amateur Photographer. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
Huck Magazine. I'm Not Voting Because…Interview with Robin Nierynck. (3 May 2015)
The Observer. New Review.  
I'm Not Voting Because…Interview with Corinne Jones  (3 May 2015)
The Guardian Online. .  I'm Not Voting Because… Interview with Corinne Jones  (3 May 2015)
University of Westminster. I'm Not Voting Because… Online interview (10 April 2015)
Helena Webb, University of Leeds. Deeds And Words?The Female Vote. Radio interview: (8 April 2015)
BBC News in Pictures. I'm Not Voting Because…(26 March 2015)
Brighton Independent. I'm Not Voting Because… (February 2015)
The Telegraph Online. I'm Not Voting Because… single image published (26 August 2014)
I'm Not Voting Because… Self-published photobook
The Telegraph Online. Resurrection, single image published (1 September 2013)
Wow. Self published Women’s Magazine (April 2013)
ITV Meridian News. Living Rough - Rough Living, news report (January 2013)
Self published, Living Rough – Rough Living. Book on homelessness in Brighton (August 2012)
Glastonbury Festival. Press Photography. (June 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011)
Insight. Press Photography (January 2003 – January 2004)
Wax. Full Frontal Records. (2000.)
Mixmag. Full Frontal Records. (1999)
The Source. Press Photography. (1999- 2000)
Digital Déjà Vu. Written by Beryl Graham. Signals Festival of Women Photographers catalogue. (1994)






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