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Dad's Not the Word.
Dad’s Not the Word. A photo essay about men, who for whatever reason, do not thave children.

I am a childfree female photographer. I started photographing women without children back in 2015 and over a period of four years I photographed fifty women, this cumulated into a photobook called Mum’s Not the Word. I did this to normalise the childless / childfree status.

To make this inclusive I started photographing men in 2019. However the pandemic brought me  to a standstill. I am now able to photograph people in my studio again. I aim to make an editorial piece.
If you are interested in participating I will  ask you to write/send some words on your experience of not being a dad. The  photoshoot will take place in my Brighton studio (UK) You are required to pose nude in the foetal position and lie in your own duvet cover on a mattress during daylight hours. It should take around 1.5 hours.
In return for you signing a image permissions form, I will give you a print of the selected image from the shoot. I aim to make an editorial piece.
If you are interested please email to book a daytime appointment. 

Work in progress
Funded by Arts Council Project Grant.

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