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Dad's Not the Word.  Circa 2019
Dad’s Not the Word. A photo essay about men, who for whatever reason, do not have children.

In 2019, I attended the Fertility Festival – Living Without Children event,  at The Barbican, London. Some men stood up and talked about their experience of not having had children. The speakers, both spoke with sorrow, about their individual experiences of not being dads. 


Ben voiced, in the past there was a series of mysterious shootings in South London,  this occurred where infertile black men would grant another man to get their wife pregnant and then that other man would end up getting shot.  Rod and his wife experienced multiple failed IVF, spoke about how there was no support network for men. He wrote a play on childlessness amongst men, and used football as a metaphor for expressing emotions.

Which raises the conversation what about men?

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