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During two Christmas vacations I  travelled India.  I  enjoyed the sights, sounds and some of the smells that 'Incredible India' has to offer.  

In the madness and wonders of being on the move in India;  a magical land that is filled with mystery and intrigue; one is never alone or knows whom they are to cross paths with next. On my first trip and I experienced Delhi, Goa, Kerala, Periyar, Mysore and on my second Delhi, Chandigarh, Agra, Varanasi, Mumbai, Goa and Gokarna.

I have been where I was the only visible ‘whitey’ present, shook hands with what seemed like an entire population and my digital camera went into overdrive just so as to show the people a picture of themselves, which most of them have never seen before. I always had a small group of interested followers around me asking us the usual questions of 'What is your good name?’  'Where are you from?'  ‘What is your purpose here?'  ‘Where is your husband?’ 'How many children do you have?'  I almost took on the persona of a major celebrity, which became quite overwhelming and humbling myself a normal person alike myself.

The photographs included show Mother India through the eyes of myself a tourist/artist. On first impression it is a pungent country, with a population of two billion; people live without sanitation in this the Twenty First Century. Here the abject poverty takes it place right next door to over flowing wealth and it is accepted in this the land of karmic belief.  These photographs do not convey the poverty or the filth no matter how hard I try, because the richness of the colour shines through from within, displaying the essence of warmth and love from deep in the hearts of these incredible people.

Everywhere I look is so full of beauty: the natural aesthetics of street life, the richness of the colour, the movement and transportation part of moving around this vast country which in itself seems like a continent, and the experience of life, death and karma. It is so perfectly coloured and juxtaposed ready for me to frame and then release the shutter of my visible large camera.

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