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0void - The Art of Not Having Kids

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The human race is merely a statistic. Billionaires, corporations, and people in power are cashing in on the multiplying population. Who is to say that the frozen embryo might be a refugee leaving its war-torn country, or the surviving soldier left by its government to beg on the streets, someone displaced because of a climate disaster, or a hungry person at the back of a queue of a food bank. There is no infrastructure for new babies, food is overpriced, the school system is failing, and there is a rapid rise in anxiety, especially for young people since austerity and the pandemic.

0void - The Art of Not Having Kids is a 24 page, A5 sized printed zine.
18 Images, 6 pages of text
Hand-made & printed by environmentally sustainable methods. FSC approved.

First edition artist copies edition #25 printed and ready to send
Shipped UK only
Worldwide orders please email for price, or buy a digital copy.

Silver winner Tokyo International Foto Awards 2023, Book/Documentary category

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