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Unbirth of Venus Exhibition at Fotonostrum Gallery, Barcelona Fundraiser

Thanks to all that have donated so far, with a personal contribution from me, I almost have the money for todays early bird deadline for seven prints to be created (Follow fundraiser link for more info) After today the Go Fund Me campaign is open until the final deadline of 24 February. If you can help fund Malcolm's series that received an Honourable Mention in the Culture and Daily Life Category. Any money that goes over will add to more images being exhibited. 3 more images chosen per series, hence the £2,000 target. I will post the out-takes once I have reached the next target of getting Malcolm exhibited.

Unbirth of Venus. Winner of Segregation and Human Rights Category of Julia Margaret Cameron Awards (Single image on left) and Segregation and Human Rights Category of Pollux Awards (series(

Dad's Not the Word Composite. Honourable Mention in the People Category of 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards (Single image)

Dad's Not the Word, Iain's story. Honourable Mention in in the People Category 17th Pollux Awards (Series)

Dad's Not the Word, Malcolm's story. Honourable Mention in in the Culture and Daily Life Category 17th Pollux Awards (Series)

I do not have children and consider myself to be childfree by choice. I believe that everybody should have the choice to decide if they want children or not. And people should be more compassionate with those who can’t. My long term aim is to normalise childfree status. In 2021, I photographed projects Unbirth of Venus and Dad’s Not the Word following the lives of female and male childfree participants to explore the environmental impact of not having children, who collectively by choice or circumstance make up to twenty-five per cent of the population. I won first place prize in the 'Segregation & Human Rights' category of the 17th Pollux Awards for the whole series of photography I did with Justine, titled Unbirth of Venus. Plus Honourable Mentions in the 'People' and 'Culture and Daily Life' categories for my new photo essay Dad's Not the Word. Both photo essays raise awareness that people who do not have children are not protected under the Equality and Diversity act. I have been invited to exhibit at FotoNostrum Gallery, Barcelona. To participate (get work printed, framed at 60cm on longest side and exhibition costs) Photos will be displayed on Palboard to the edge, with UV curated ink with printer SwissQprint. To be part of the winner's exhibition, I need to raise £2,000 by 24 February to exhibit all images at Fotonostrum Gallery, Barcelona, 13-30 October 2022.

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