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Vigil for Sarah Everard- Brighton

I walked home from my studio, via Valley Gardens, the stretch of green outside the university in Central Brighton. I was keeping an eye out for a vigil for Sarah Everard that I had seen might occur on social media. I knew of a few people that had planned to exercise in the area, whilst social distancing. I knew they were serious about safety, as one had just recovered from COVID. As I approached Valley Gardens I overheard converstions from young women dissing the police presence at the vigil. And comparing the lack of respect with the gangs of young male skateboarders hanging out by St Peters Church and the Level.

Every woman out there on this early spring evening, finds it very upsetting that a young woman walked home alone and was murdered by a police man in Clapham area of London, a person she should have felt she could trust. It's equally sad a peaceful vigil could not occur without heavy police presence. The atmosphere was calm, there were candles, flowers and special messages. People including myself were wearing masks, social distancing, paying our respects. Because each and every women there knew that this is something we have feared being followed or harrassed as we walk home. Or even worse raped or murdered.

RIP Sarah, I do not think that there is one woman out there that does not fear what you went through.

Its a shame the police had to ruin people paying respects.

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