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0void - The Art of Not Having Kids. Zine. Self Published (2023)
Loupe. Dad's Not the Word - Childfree and Saving the Planet. (October 2022)
Childfree Convention. Speaker in Childless, Childfree Alliance, and Childfree and Off the Grid (July 2022)
Unbirth of Venus. Zine Self Published (2021)

Dad's Not the Word. Zine. Self Published (2021)
Spotify - Mum's Not the Word Podcast by Melanie Kalay (October 2020)
YouTube - Denise Felkin in conversation with Jennie Ricketts & Maroussia Mbaye. Photo Fringe (October 2020)
The Guardian. Mutoid Waste Co, From Bowie to Beyonce. The best 50 Glastonbury Moments. (26 June 2020)

Take A Break Magazine. Mum's Not The Word (October 2019)
The Fifty-One Percent. France 24. Paris. Mum's Not The Word (23 August 2019)
i Paper. Mum's Not The Word. Coffee Table book of the week. (9 July 2019)
Earthworld Publishing. Mum's Not the Word Photobook. (1 June 2019)

The Guardian Weekend Magazine Mum's Not The Word. (18 May 2019)
i Paper. Mum's Not The Word. Double-page spread. (9 January 2018)
Latest TV. Mum's Not The Word, Interview with George. (8 November 2017)
BBC South East Today. Mum's Not The Word, Interview with Robin Gibson. (3 November 2017)
Essex Live. Mum's Not The Word, Interview. (30 October 2017)
The Argus. Mum's Not The Word, Interview with Robin Gibson. (7 November 2017)
Sony World Photography Awards. Mum's Not The Word, interview with Matthew Oxley (March 2016)
Daily Mail. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
New York Daily News. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
Ephotozine. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
Amateur Photographer. Mum's Not The Word. (23 February 2016)
Huck Magazine. I'm Not Voting Because…Interview with Robin Nierynck. (3 May 2015)
The Observer. New Review.  I'm Not Voting Because…Interview with Corinne Jones  (3 May 2015)
The Guardian Online. .  I'm Not Voting Because… Interview with Corinne Jones  (3 May 2015)
University of Westminster. I'm Not Voting Because… Online interview (10 April 2015)
University of Leeds. Deeds And Words? The Female Vote. Radio interview with Helena Webb (8 April 2015)
BBC News in Pictures. I'm Not Voting Because…(26 March 2015)
Brighton Independent. I'm Not Voting Because… (February 2015)
The Telegraph Online. I'm Not Voting Because… single image published (26 August 2014)
I'm Not Voting Because… Self-published photobook (August 2014)
The Telegraph Online. Resurrection, single image published (1 September 2013)

Self-published. Wow. Women’s Magazine (April 2013)
ITV Meridian News. Living Rough - Rough Living, news report (January 2013)
Self-published, Living Rough – Rough Living. Book on homelessness in Brighton (August 2012)
Glastonbury Festival. AAA Accreditation (2009, 2010 & 2011)
Insight. Press Photography (January 2003 – January 2004)
Wax. (2000.)
Full Frontal Records. (2000.)

Mixmag. Full Frontal Records. (1999)
The Source. Press Photography. (1999- 2000)
The Beano. Dennis's Fan Club Page. (1998)
Digital Déjà Vu. Written by Beryl Graham. Signals Festival of Women Photographers catalogue. (1994)



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