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I recently learned from a guru who studies silence, that you should replace the word quarantine with retreat.


I listen to meditation compositions on spiritual growth to get me to sleep, and  health and motivation when I wake up. When I open my curtains each morning, I am rewarded with the beautiful light from my east-facing window.

I’m mostly comfortable with solitude and talk with friends and family online or the phone. I have a back up creative ideas, books, movies to keep me occupied if needed. I work in photography and education. Since the pandemic most of my work has been put on hold until further notice and a few of my photography courses have shifted from face to face to online, I now teach just a few hours a week.

I try not to think about the future, I live in the present and take each day as it comes. I do not have a TV, I  listen to music on the radio, I turn down the sound when the news comes on. I also enjoy the new wave of live sessions on social media performed by some of my favourite artists, speakers and musicians. I eat healthy and exercise daily  by walking. I feel gratitude for my daily walks, that I live near the sea, for fresh air, the wind on my face, green spaces, nature, fresh food, clean water and a safe place to be. 

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